Holden Insurance
When it comes to safeguarding your Holden, we know your car better than anyone else. We can arrange through Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Allianz), our insurer of choice, cover that gives you the right level of protection for your pride and joy - with options that can provide additional value, flexibility and choice.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

With Holden Insurance, you receive the added security that your Holden Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy includes the following benefits:
  • Use of new Holden genuine parts for repairs in the first 3 years of your car's life;
  • Choice of repairer;
  • Genuine Parts guarantee;
  • 3 years new for old replacement; and
  • Safe drivers special rewards
To obtain a quote or to find out more information about why Holden Insurance is the preferred insurance solution for many Holden buyers and owners, contact Suttons Holden

Need more information? Download the Holden Insurance Motor Vehicle Insurance product disclosure statement. Or talk to Suttons Holden today.

Loan Protection Insurance

We'll look after you.

Should you suffer an injury, become ill, lose your job or even die while paying off your vehicle, Holden Loan Protection Insurance will continue to meet the financial obligations (refer to PDS) regarding your vehicle. In some circumstances, your loan may be finalised, sparing your family any additional worry or stress.

What are the benefits?
  • Meet your loan obligations
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Loan finalised (in some cases)
  • Protection against sudden illness
  • Protection against unemployment & death
Need more information? Download the Holden Loan Protection Insurance product disclosure statement. Or talk to Suttons Holden today.

Motor Equity Insurance

If your vehicle is declared a total loss by your comprehensive insurer, you may find that your vehicle value is less than the amount required to settle the loan balance. This is called the loan shortfall. Our Motor Equity policy is designed to pay the shortfall between what your motor vehicle insurer pays (in case of total loss) and the amount still owing on the vehicle.

Key benefits include:

1. Loan Settlement

If the insurer of your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance declares your vehicle a totally loss, we'll happily pay the difference between the loan settlement and your total loss payment, up to the maximum amount listed on your cover - a) $10,000 b) $12,000 c) $15,000 d) $20,000 or e) $30,000

2. Extra Cover

In addition to the basic coverage listed above if the insurer of your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance makes a total loss payment in respect of your vehicle and the event causing the loss occurred during the period of insurance of this policy, we'll also pay the following costs associated with your total loss: excess paid, delivery charges, registration charges, comprehensive insurance premium, compulsory third party, stamp duty, up to 10 days car hire. We'll cover up to the maximum amount listed on your cover - a) $4,000 b) $4,000 c) $5,000 d) $5,000 e) $10,000

Need more information? Download the Holden Motor Equity Insurance product disclosure statement. Or talk to Suttons Holden today.

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